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How to make money from YouTube?

YouTube is the best platform to make money by sitting at home, but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of people who are making big money by uploading videos on YouTube. Now you must be thinking why someone is going to pay you for uploading a video? This site has become a stage to showcase your talent and earn money at the same time. Believe it or not but YouTube is the most used site when it comes to viewing videos and that is why it is always at the top preference. You can find all types of videos in this site and don’t assume that YouTube is paying me for that just because I am speaking so highly about it.

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Why YouTube pays you for uploading videos on YouTube?

YouTube is the most famous site worldwide for entertainment. Anyone can start uploading videos and start making money from it. Have you ever noticed the two-minute advertisement at the beginning of the video? It is mostly promoting different brands and the company pays YouTube for that. When you enable monetization in your YouTube channel you give rights to YouTube to add the advertisement in the starting of the video for which YouTube gets paid by the brand and they share a 55% of income with you. It takes minimum 10,000 views to get started paid by YouTube and once you have achieved that number, you start getting paid for per view.

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Note: – YouTube does not pay you for the view of your video but for the views of the advertisement.

How to start working on YouTube?

To get started with working on YouTube you have to create an account. After you have created the account you will easily locate the upload option from where you can upload your videos in no time but do not forget to enable “monetization” because if you do not enable it, there will be no advertisement visible in your video and you won’t earn any money.

How to How to get views?

Making an account and uploading videos is just a piece of cake, but the real task is getting a good number of YouTube views from the audience. It is advisable to go for the topics which are most likely to be searched by the people. Find out the latest trends and the things people are looking for. There are many YouTubers who have taken this as a full-time profession and are making a pretty good amount of money from it but there are even many YouTubers who are not able to make enough because they failed to understand their audience and were only able to gain the attention of few.

How YouTube pays you?

YouTube only pays you at the first of every month and it is very important for you to have a minimum of $100 in your account to withdraw the money. The money can easily be transferred to your account by filling the account details. If you are unable to make $100 in a month, then your balance will easily transferred to the next month and you can withdraw in the first of the next month.

What is in trend on YouTube?

In today’s scenario, remix music, trailers of the upcoming movies, comedy clips are most in demand, but apart from that DIY which is the most popular thing among people is another most searched category on YouTube. People even see a lot of music videos and the cute adorable videos have an attraction of their own. Many YouTubers upload videos of series to gain a permanent audience; they make several sequels so that people will keep coming back for them.

Why be a YouTuber?

If you think you are good enough on something then this is time for you to showcase your talent on YouTube because it may be a virtual network but the money you make from it is surely tangible. The best part about the site is that it is totally free of cost; you can simply invest a ton without investing a single penny. It will not only get you money but also tell you the response of a greater audience towards your work which will surely help you to develop further and you never know what future has stored for you unless you give it a try.


  • Don’t forget to enable “monetization”.
  • Do a research on your audience.
  • Use the keywords which are more likely to be searched.
  • Don’t hesitate to share your videos on social Medias to gain views.
  • Add several tags to make your video more prominently visible to the audience.
  • Upload content frequently.
  • Use a catchy music in the beginning that helps people to remember your work.

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